10G SFP all Model Types Introduction 2023

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As 10G SFP+ fiber optic transceivers are widely used in data centers, enterprises and optical networks, more people want to learn about them. This article will mainly introduce the 10G SFP+ SR, 10G SFP+ LR, 10G SFP+ LRM, 10G SFP+ ER, 10G SFP+ ZR, 10G BiDi SFP+, 10G CWDM SFP+, and 10G DWDM SFP+.  Hope you can get a better understanding of them.


all types of sfp+ module

SFP+ 10GBASE-SR optical transceiver

10GBASE-SR is the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard for short-range (up to 300m) data communication over multimode optical fiber. SFP+ 10GBASE-SR modules are optical devices used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments in diverse networking environments such as data centers, enterprise wiring closets, and service provider transport applications. With digital optical monitoring capability, SFP+ 10GBASE-SR modules show high performance and stability on short transmission. Cisco 10G SFP+ modules use 2000 MHz*km multimode fiber (OM3) to transmit data with a transmission distance of up to 300m. Additional information about Cisco 10G SFP+ modules can be found in the SFP+ 10GBASE-SR datasheet.

SFP+ 10G LR SFP optic transceiver module

The Cisco SFP+ 10GBASE-LR transceiver supports up to 10km transmission on SMF fiber (SMF, G.652). The 10GBase-LR is an excellent choice for medium distance applications over OS2 SMF fiber. This SFP+ is also backward compatible with lower data rate standards such as 1Gbps. The SFP+ form factor  allows customers to deploy 10 Gigabit Ethernet in campust network and medium distance applications today and be prepared for tomorrow's higher speeds. In addition, the LR module is implemented with a distributed feedback laser (DFB). The DFB laser has very good crosstalk performance which means that it can transmit high speed digital signals over 10 kilometers with low bit error. Thanks to these features, the 10GBase-LR is an excellent option for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications requiring long reach over SMF.

10g lrm sfp optic module

The Cisco 10GBASE-LRM SFP+ Module supports a link length of 220m on multi-mode fiber (MMF). Utilizing a 1270nm-1330nm CWDM wavelength, the 10GBase-LRM series is compliant with 10GBASE-LRM and 10GBASE-LR standards providing 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Regarding cabling, it is commonly using LC connectors. The Cisco SFP+ 10GBASE-LRM Transceiver also supports distance reach to 300meters on standard OS2 Fiber.


SFP 10G ER Optic Module

SFP+ 10G ER is one of the SFP+ modules for 10G ethernet application and it supports a link length of up to 40 kilometers on standard Single-Mode Fiber (SMF, G.652). SFP+ 10G ER is an enhanced version of LR modules and is designed for long-haul transmission. SFP+ 10G ER module is implemented with an externally modulated laser (EML). This transceivers offer increased bandwidth and improved security features over older generations of SFPs.

SFP 10g zr 10gbse-zr optic module

The SFP-10G-ZR(Ze Best Range) supports transmission distance of up to 80 kilometers with 1550nm wavelength on standard Single-Mode Fiber. It is compliant with SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and IEE802.3ae standards. It can be used for long haul transmission and metro politician applications.

10G BIDI SFP optic module

The difference between the 10g bidi sfp module and the regular sfp module is that the interface is simplex, which is specially used to transmit and receive 10G signals on a single fiber. Compared with the conventional SFP+ optical module, the BIDI sfp module saves half of the optical fiber resources. The bidi modules are used in pairs. As can be seen from the model name, SFP-10G-BXU and SFP-10G-BXD are a pair. U represents the uplink signal, D represents the downlink signal. The wavelengths of standard 10G Bidi modules are 1270nm/1330nm and 1490nm/1550nm. The maximum transmission distance of the former is generally 10km/40km/60km, and the transmission distance of the latter can reach 80km.

realtive link: Bidi Transceiver module detailed introduction 2022



10G CWDM SFP transceiver module

CWDM SFP solution helps enable the transport of up to 16 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels over single-mode fiber strands. The CWDM optical transmission solution consists of CWDM SFP and CWDM MUX/DEMUX. If you need to form a spoke and hub (ring) structure, you need to add CWDM OADM components. The adjacent wavelength interval of the CWDM module is 20nm, it comes in 16 wavelengths covering from 1270 nm to 1610 nm. The CWDM SFP+ are also equipped with an LC duplex interface. Its transmission distance is from 20km to 80km.


10G DWDM SFP tranceiver module

The difference between DWDM and CWDM SFP+ modules is the wavelength interval and transmission distance. The wavelength spacing of DWDM SFP+ is 0.8nm at 100Ghz and 0.4nm at 50Ghz. This means that on the same number of SMF fibers, the number of channels that DWDM SFP can transmit is much higher than that of CWDM SFP. Generally, the wavelength interval of DWDM optical modules is 1528nm~1561nm, and 40 channels can be transmitted at 100Ghz. The transmission distance of DWDM module is generally 80Km, but if it is equipped with EDFA amplifier and DCF dispersion compensation equipment, it can generally be transmitted to about 150km. The DWDM solution consists of DWDM MIX/DEMUX and DWDM modules, and it is also the most suitable solution for data centers and metropolitan area networks.

SFP+ RJ45 10GBASE-T Transceiver module


The 10GBASE-T SFP+ Copper Transceiver is a 10 Gb Ethernet Transceiver, and compared to other transceivers, its interface is equipped with RJ45 instead of LC or SC. The structure is not equipped with lasers, but uses electrical ports to connect Category cables for connections, which can provide good reliability and power supply capabilities. 10GBASE-T SFP+ copper transceivers are mainly used in Cat 5e or Cat 6 copper cabling systems for 1G/2.5G/10G transmission with a maximum distance of 80m. 10GBASE-T SFP+ ports can support both STP (shielded twisted pair) and UTP (unshielded twisted pair). Therefore, 10GBASE-T SFP+ copper transceivers are gaining popularity in data centers and enterprise rooms because of their lower power consumption and compatibility without upgrading existing cabling systems.


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Price list of all model types of SFP transceivers by Ecloudlight


Transceiver model Product page link Sale Price
SFP-10G-T 30m  https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-t-s-co  $49.9
SFP-10G-SR 300m  https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-sr-co  $10.9
SFP-10G-LR 10km  https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-lr-co  $16.9
SFP-10G-ER 40km  https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-er-co  $59.9
SFP-10G-ZR 80km  https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-zr-co   $119
SFP-10G-BD 20km https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfp-10g-bxd-co   $23.9
SFP-10G-BD 40KM https://ecloudlight.com/products/el-sfpplus-er-27-co  $24.9
SFP-10G-BD 80KM https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfpplus-zr-55-co  $74.9
SFP-10G-CWDM 20KM 1270nm~1610nm https://ecloudlight.com/products/sfpplus-cwdm-1610-20-co  $64.9
SFP-10G-CWDM 40KM 1470nm~1610nm                         
SFP-10G-CWDM 80KM 1470nm~1610nm    
SFP-10G-DWDM 80KM C21~C60  https://ecloudlight.com/products/c60-dwdm-sfp10g-co $119

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