Who we are

Ecloudlight has been specializing in the production of optical modules for more than 11 years. In 2019, Ecloudlight was established to transformed from an optical module foundry to an independent brand optical module product supplier. Ecloudlight doesn't offer mediocre products, we only do the best, or nothing.

Our Office

The factory address: No.30, Chang Fu park, Caidian District, Wuhan, China
 The Operations Center address : Northwind Dr, Richton Park, IL 60471, USA

Our mission

We want to sell high-quality optical module products all over the world, assist in the construction of local communication networks, and realize corporate value.

Our products

Optic transceiver

Ecloudlight offer an extensive portfolio of optic transceivers, AOC and DAC cables spanning 1G-400G transmission data rates in multiple form factors and modles.

Fiber optic cables

Ecloudlight offer comprehensive range of fiber cables, including regular fiber patch cables, MTP/MPO cables. Can meet most of cabling demands.

OTN solution

Ecloudlight can provide consultation on optical transmission solutions. From point-to-point network to metropolitan area network, 10G/40G/100G/400G multi-rate CWDM/DWDM transmission solution. We have a professional team to support our customers.

Learn About Ecloudlight

Ecloudlight provides professional, agile and innovative services for enterprise digital transformation. By building standard production line, professional labs, standardized and normalized testing processes, and having experienced technical teams. Ecloudlight keep our customers' expectations for reliable and professional solutions.

Our core value

Strict manufacturing

Each component is made of high-standard raw materials, in line with TUV, RoHS, CE, and FCC standards. Fully inspected after assembly to ensure rock-solid quality.

Professional Tests

Lab owns eye diagram meters, bit error meters, wavelength detectors, high-precision power meters, and oscilloscope equipment. With a complete testing process and strict compliance with industry testing standards, Ecloudlight's pursuit of quality is unmatched by other manufacturers.

Fast Delivery

Ecloudlight establishes an intelligent warehouse management system, product information can be labelled and systematized, which is convenient for efficient product positioning and delivery; using efficient automated equipment, such as forklifts and conveyor belts. We have deep docking with DHL/Fedex express, and can achieve 24 hours Shipping.

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